• The Editor Off Episode II: The Revenge of Atom

    After being decimated in the first week the Atom editor came out swinging with live code publishing, real time markdown preview and modifying many lines of code simultaneously. But could it hold off the newcomer Sublime?

  • The first editor off

    During the second week of code club we held an editor off. Like a dance off or lip sync battle but cooler:

  • Adding Python to the PATH on windows

    There have been a few of you trying to run a Python script within Atom on windows and are getting the following error message.

  • Just in time for the new Term: PyDiff!

    There is now a Cardiff Python user group. Whilst it is expected that the main subject of conversations will be Python related, no doubt we will talk about anything that’s of interest to the code club.

  • A special guest for code club

    My wife brought a very special guest to code club today:


    With Vince and Jason still at Python Nambia, it fell to me, Alex and Tim to run Code Club in their stead. However, due to prior comitments Alex could not make it to code club.

  • Making an App in python using Kivy - Part 2 - Widgets

    In the first part I talked about how to create an app. Now I’m going to talk about the some of different widgets that can be used in Kivy, that I found helpful.

  • Making an App in python using Kivy - Part 1

    In the summer semester for the Computing for Mathematics module we were required to create ‘companies’ of 4. The goal was for each company to create a ‘product’ which involves programming and mathematics. For this my company decided to make an mobile app, to aid with learning mathematics through giving content and quiz.

  • New Computers for Code Club

    An exciting new addition for the code club is two new computers!

  • A first blog post

    The end of a busy term has given me a bit of time to add a blog to this site. I’ll keep this post fairly short but will nonetheless use it to reflect on a great first 11 weeks of code club.