On the Tuesday 13th October, we had our first ever Pydiff meeting, I feel that it went very well.
We had two talks, one by Vince Knight called Evolutionary Mathematics and one by Daniele Procida called Python Nambia.

Vince’s talk was about his Axelrod repository and how you could use it to model Darwin’s theory of Evolution. You can find the slides with links to a JuPyTer notebook here. The Axelrod repository is here. Below is a video of a similar talk Vince did at Pycon in September.

Daniele’s talk was on the recent four-day international software conference, held at the University of Namibia, that with the help of Cardiff University’s Phoenix Project and Vince he successfully organised. From the talk I could tell that the conference was a complete success to the extent that some of the students in attendence created PYNAM, the python Namibia association.

Interested in seeing what we are all about, come and join us for our next Pydiff meeting on the 14th November.