Due to there being no workshop during Thursday’s code club session, Vince decided that we would have another game of Code & Go. This time, we only had one game in which we had three turns at writing one line of code and we used Vince’s Macbook. As such Sam didn’t dare attempt to mess up his machine.

Below is the code from the game:

import random
import math
import ciw

ciw = False

import axelrod as ciw

ciw = math.factorial

math.sqrt = ciw

random.choice = lambda x: lambda y: y + len(x)

# print = del

import ciw as queue
print queue.Individual(2)
queue = random.choice([math.factorial, math.sqrt, math.floor])
ciw = random.choice([math, ciw, random])
math.exp = queue
print type(math.exp)
for i in random.sample(range(100), random.randint(1,20)):
    math.sqrt = random.choice([math.factorial, math.exp])
    j = math.sqrt(i)
    print i, j
    i = j / (i+1)
    print i, j
    if i%2 == 0:
        print 'ciw is {}'.format(str(ciw))
        print 2**j**i