• Code & Go game Episode II

    Due to there being no workshop during Thursday’s code club session, Vince decided that we would have another game of Code & Go. This time, we only had one game in which we had three turns at writing one line of code and we used Vince’s Macbook. As such Sam didn’t dare attempt to mess up his machine.

  • Code & Go game

    Last week, during a Computing for Mathematics tutorial, Vince came up with what he thought was a brilliant idea.

  • The Editor Off Episode II: The Revenge of Atom

    After being decimated in the first week the Atom editor came out swinging with live code publishing, real time markdown preview and modifying many lines of code simultaneously. But could it hold off the newcomer Sublime?

  • The first editor off

    During the second week of code club we held an editor off. Like a dance off or lip sync battle but cooler: