• Introducing Themes and More!

    As you may or may not have noticed, the code club website has had the basic facilities for adding your own custom theme to the website.

  • Introducing micro workshops

    From now on every code club will (try) and host a 30 minute workshop on a specific topic/technique.

  • How I made a DOS Attack at school

    So, today I was feeling particularly mischievous. I enjoy making fun codes which usually serve no purpose, and are only for show or have a funny outcome. Today was the day I accidentally decided to make a DOS Attack. “A DOS attack is an exploit in which an attacker takes advantage of vulnerabilities in the domain name system (DOS)”, for more info click here.

  • A special guest for code club

    My wife brought a very special guest to code club today:


    With Vince and Jason still at Python Nambia, it fell to me, Alex and Tim to run Code Club in their stead. However, due to prior comitments Alex could not make it to code club.

  • New Computers for Code Club

    An exciting new addition for the code club is two new computers!

  • A first blog post

    The end of a busy term has given me a bit of time to add a blog to this site. I’ll keep this post fairly short but will nonetheless use it to reflect on a great first 11 weeks of code club.