• Introduction to HTML - Part 1

    If you haven’t already read the overview of web technologies tutorial I highly recommend it so that you get a birds eye view of web development as a whole and how this fits into the whole picture.

  • A brief overview of web technologies

    For those of you who haven’t had much experience with web development before this guide serves to give you a brief overview of what the main technologies are. In this guide I won’t actually tell you how to do anything it’s merely to give you a bird’s eye view of web development as a whole, what you might be interested in and where to go from here to find out more.

  • How to Make a Blog Post

    We write blog posts for the website in markdown, this means that we can also use HTML tags when needed.

  • An Introduction to Functional Programming with Python - Part 1

    This is the first part of a tutorial series meant to introduce the functional programming paradigm using features built into Python. Most of what I will talk about will be available in both Python 2.7.x and Python 3.x however in this series I will be using Python 3.x and will point out any differences when needed.

  • Adding Python to the PATH on windows

    There have been a few of you trying to run a Python script within Atom on windows and are getting the following error message.

  • Making an App in python using Kivy - Part 2 - Widgets

    In the first part I talked about how to create an app. Now I’m going to talk about the some of different widgets that can be used in Kivy, that I found helpful.

  • Making an App in python using Kivy - Part 1

    In the summer semester for the Computing for Mathematics module we were required to create ‘companies’ of 4. The goal was for each company to create a ‘product’ which involves programming and mathematics. For this my company decided to make an mobile app, to aid with learning mathematics through giving content and quiz.