Welcome to the reference section of the code club site. Here you will find information on a wide range of programming languages, frameworks and tools to help you find something which interests you and how to get started!

This section of the site is under constant development and if you find that we are missing something than we strongly recommend that you get involved and send us a pull request containing the missing information.

Programming Languages

There are more programming languages than stars in the galaxy… OK slight exaggeration but there are a lot of them. Created for any possible purpose imaginable from building video games to driving rovers on Mars or simply trying to confuse the programmer using them!

Some of the more popular languages include Java, Python and C++. However there are many more than that! Below is just a sample of them.

Now what do programmers do when they are bored? Well they invent their own programming langauges of course! These languages are not meant to be practical but rather offer some quirky or interesting way of trying to make a computer do something - and often in the most painful way possible! These languages are often referrred to as “Esoteric Languages”.

Below is a list of some of these languages but I recommend you check out the EsoLang Wiki where you can find a long list of these languages!


There are many tools you can use below is just a sample.