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Every once in a while during code club someone will run a quick (usually about 30 minutes long) workshop to get you introduced to a particular tool or concept. Here you can find any upcoming workshops:

It doesn’t look like we have any workshops scheduled. If you’d like to see us run a workshop on a particular topic then be sure to open an issue and let us know!

Or if you’d like to see a full list and any past workshops then be sure to check them all out here


Here is a selection of the latest code club blog posts. But be sure to check out the full blog here:

    Code & Go game Episode II

    Due to there being no workshop during Thursday’s code club session, Vince decided that we would have another game of Code & Go. This time, we only had one game in which we had three turns at writing one line of code and we used Vince’s Macbook. As such Sam didn’t dare attempt to mess up his machine.

    Introduction to HTML - Part 1

    If you haven’t already read the overview of web technologies tutorial I highly recommend it so that you get a birds eye view of web development as a whole and how this fits into the whole picture.

    Introducing Themes and More!

    As you may or may not have noticed, the code club website has had the basic facilities for adding your own custom theme to the website.

Past Sessions

Want to get an idea to what we’ve been up to? Well here is a selection of some the most recent sessions. Don’t miss the full list here though:

Week : The end of an era

Quote of the session: This is how Docker works



Quote of the session: Do you need a ruler?


Week : The one at the ball

Quote of the session: Well this is nice and quiet